Thursday 12 September 2013

Autumn/Winter Clothing 2013: Part One: Nothing New, Stick With the Old

I prattle on about this all the time, I love autumn, I love the weather, the autumn leaves, the colours, it also leads to Winter, another time of the year I adore. I find it easier to be stylish by putting more clothes on that taking them off so I put more effort into thinking about what I'll wear come September. What I do wear is usually quite similar though. I never really stop loving clothes I buy, I always buy things I know I'll like in years to come so I usually just find pieces to build on my wardrobe and not replace.

Striped Matalan skirt with ASOS mustard jumper
Certain colours come out of the wardrobe, I wear green throughout the year but in Autumn the shades get darker. I always bring out my trusty mustard jumpers, I don't want to hear anything bad to be said about mustard coloured clothing and accessories, I love it. I also tend to wear more oranges at this time of the year, you can see a pattern here, I tend to try and blend in with the leaves. Well, not quite, as purple also make an appearance from time to time.

I love a chunky jumper, especially wearing them with a slightly fancier skirt or over a dress - I feel more comfortable with my stomach covered at the moment.

L to R: Topshop, Topshop, ASOS & Roxy

L to R: Louche & Topshop.
 I also love an easy jumper dress too, I'm always after the comfy option.

Pattern wise I usually stick to my trusty stripes and animal prints, this year I can't help putting them together. I also have a gorgeous skirt from Glamorous which I have pretty much worn each time I've been out this year - twice. I'm always after the perfect length skirt for myself, a slightly below the knee pleated jersey skirt in mustard and/or black but cheap, I could really do with one now.

L to R: Urban Outfitters, New Look & £3 cheap buys on Ebay - one black, one mustard
Long skirts, another easy option for when I want to stick leggings on for extra warmth but only in secret.

L to R: Glamorous & Matalan
Sometimes I have to go for something a little shorter but still stretchy - I always pair with a slouch jumper or shirt though.

L to R: Glamorous & Topshop
Two very slouchy shirts, the Topshop one a little worse for wear.

L to R: Lazy Oaf, ASOS & H&M
I love my Lazy Oaf dress and have worn it to death even though it is really quite short on me. I love the animal print dress, it is still a bit tight but I usually but my favourite dark grey sweatshirt over it with lots of gold jewellery. The striped dress from H&M another short dress but not as short as it could be - another one I team with the sweater.

You may have noticed the lack of jeans or trousers. I don't really wear them. I would say I'm officially too lazy to wear jeans, a skirt I can pull on, jeans aren't as easy. Once I get to my ideal weight I'll make the effort to invest in jeans but for now I'll stick to comfy skirts.

I don't wear leather so I sometimes find it hard to find boots I love. Earlier this year I bought a pair from Office that are amazing for two reason a) Not leather b) they have a heel I can walk in. I love heels but hate them at the same time, I don't need them so I don't make the effort but most I can't walk a step in. I do think heels have grown in epic proportions though, I'm sure most heels were only a couple of inches little more than a decade ago now we're expected to totter around with 4, 5, 6 inches! I had stilts as a child that weren't as high. I just can't do it and don't mind wearing flats but I sometimes feel a little, flat. I love these boots and can walk in them, I just haven't been out much to test them.

Next stop New Look, two pairs from them. I had wanted a slightly heeled brogue along with a slightly heeled loafer, I got both from New Look. They have a wonderful range of cheap shoes at the moment that are really good quality. I can just about deal with these heels but I still need practise to avoid injury.

L to R: Office, New Look & New Look
There is a possibility I may buy the odd item of clothing but I'm not actively searching just compulsively browsing! 

A bit of a poor shot of me in the mirror wearing the striped dress and my dark grey sweater - my legs look weird as I'm pushing them back at the knee. Wearing them with my lovely Office boots.

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