Saturday 7 September 2013

Living Room Makeover Part One: A completely unorganised attempt at making the Living Room liveable

The living room is not a true living room. The living room is my old bedroom that is so stuffed no bed would ever fit in here. The walls all have something against them, there is a small space in the middle for twirling around but that is it.

I love it though, I'm surrounded by my multiple, bright, eclectic collections. I'm not a fan of pink but my BRIGHT pink walls is comforting in a quite small room, if I could I would have a nice pale green or emerald green but with living here being temporary any improvements are small and can be taken to the next home.

I started thinking about clearing up the living room at the same time as the bedroom but on a much smaller scale. It slowly expanded in my mind AND shopping list on the IKEA  website but nothing costly. I have so many clothes but pretty much nowhere to put them. The stuff I want for whatever season it currently is are hung on the wardrobe doors as the wardrobes I have are cheap (one is broken, the rail has collapsed but I need the top for box sets) the hangers have never fitted in properly so they have always been useless. I can't afford to replace them right now but as long as I'm back in work soon I will be replacing the two useless ones with a nice three door one from IKEA. So I have clothes everywhere, the partial solution of this will be dealt with in the next blog post, part one is about frivolous spending.

As soon as I saw the LÖVBACKEN side table in IKEA (£40) I fell in love. Incredibly retro, vintage tables in this style are easy to pick up, especially if you have wheels and free time. I love old furniture but I'm just as happy to pick up new stuff with a retro feel, especially from cheap but quality shops like IKEA.

There was also a practical reason I wanted this table, my phone sits on the floor so in recent months it has been hard to reach down and pick up, hopefully this will get easier anyway but it is still so much easier having the phone at a good height. I've also now got a space for my owl money box and owl catchall - I'm a bit obsessed with birds.

A beautiful table, really sturdy especially where the table legs screw in. It could easily be from the sixties from the finish to the legs. The size is slightly bigger than expected, even though I measured it, IKEA are always bigger than expected. This is a plus in my books, although I know space is limited it is still nice to have furniture that is a practical size. When I have the room I plan to have it as my main coffee table - by then I will hopefully be able to afford the STOCKHOLM Bedside table to put my phone on.

The next step is a bit complicated, the side table is in place but I also plan to fit a small shelf set behind the TV to display my collectible figures, this will have to wait but I won't go into that right now.

I'm hiding something, literally, it looks nice and neat from the top but as you can see underneath is a different story, a collection of necessary wires (sorted out recently I might add) and a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers wall clock (£1 from a discount shop) though to see all this stuff you would really have to purposely look, even then it is hardly as bad as the rest of the room.

The living room will never be completely neat, I'm at peace with that, but these little steps make it so much better.

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