Monday 23 September 2013

Helen É - Long Lasting Lip Colour - Damson

Apologies, all taken in natural light but for some reason impossible to get a non-blurry photo today, too much chocolate I suspect! 
Helen É Long Lasting Lip Colour in Damson £10 direct from Helen É or £3.99 via a Amazon

Having never tried any Helen É products I decided to give their products a go when they ran a recent free lipstick promotion just cover the p&p type offer noticed thanks to Baobella. I was sensible and instead of going for yet another dark red lipstick I chose a very night, slightly autumn-esque, daytime shade, Damson.

I LOVE this lipstick, it's a great shade and is incredibly moisturising, applies easily without bleeding and lasts for hours. I'm not a huge fan of moisturising lipsticks as I find some feel too wet, like they're going to slide away but this lipstick is just the right amount of moisture mixed with staying power.

This isn't exactly a cheap lipstick but it is quality. 

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